BBC Staff Lose Gadgets Worth £240,000

BBC staff have lost £241,019 worth of laptops and mobiles over the past two years, a Freedom of Information request has revealed.

The Freedom of Information request was made by security firm, Absolute Software.

According to BBC News, a total of 65 mobile phones, 17 BlackBerry smartphones and 146 laptops devices have been reported lost or stolen by BBC employees over the two year period.

The information released by the organisation included data from every BBC subsidiary.

The data revealed that the value of stolen or lost laptops amounted to £219,000 while mobile phones and BlackBerry devices were valued at £12,913 and £9,106.

Absolute Software said that the organisation needed to be more careful in the manner in which its employees handled the equipment, and has called for stricter ground rules to prevent such losses in the future.

The BBC has revealed that, out of the stolen or lost items, around 19 items worth £23,450 were recovered, reducing the losses to £217,569.