BitTorrent Launches Torrent Tweet Twitter App

BitTorrent has released a new application for its uTorrent client, set to allow file sharers to hold discussions on Twitter.

According to BitTorrent, the Torrent Tweet application will let users hold discussions about individual torrent files.

The Tweets that relate to particular file will be indexed on the platform with an automatically generated hashtag, helping users find out what others have to say about the file they are downloading.

BitTorrent vice president Simon Morris said that individual torrent files will be indexed not by file name, but by infohash, which is a digital fingerprint of the file. He said that every infohash is different from another, just like a human fingerprint.

The company hopes that other torrent websites follow their example and make downloading torrents more social.

Morris wrote: “We hope that torrent sites will adopt our convention of referring to torrents using a shortened hashtag prefixed with “#bt” and enhance comments systems that already exist on torrent sites.”