Craiglist Accused Of Aiding Child Prositution

Online classified advertising service Craiglist has been accused of promoting prostitution and child exploitation in its "adult services" list.

The platform, founded by owner Craig Newmark, is alleged to have become a hub for prostitution advertisements. The "adult services" is claimed to have thousands of adverts for sexual services, posted daily.

Placing an advertisement in the Washington Post, two women have directly appealed to Craig Newmark, telling him how the service has ruined their lives.

Writing in an open letter, one of the women, named MC, wrote: “I was first forced into prostitution when I was 11 years old by a 28-year-old man. All day, other girls and I sat with our laptops, posting pictures and answering ads on Craigslist.”

The second woman, AK, wrote: "He put my picture on Craigslist, and I was sold for sex by the hour at truck stops and cheap motels, 10 hours with 10 different men every night. This became my life," the ad said. "Men answered the Craigslist advertisements and paid to rape me. The $30,000 he pocketed each month was facilitated by Craigslist 300 times."

Last year the platform was forced to shut down its "erotic services" section due to mounting pressure from US authorities. The nude images were removed from the platform and charges of £6 per listing were imposed in order to curb the listings.

US authorities have now accused Craiglist of making a profit out of prostitution, with Connecticut's attorney general Richard Blumenthal leading an investigation of 39 US states into the allegations.