Frash Brings Flash To The iPhone 4

Frash, the application that brings Adobe's Flash software to jailbroken iPads, has now been ported to work on iOS 4 powered Apple devices.

The application has been altered by iPhone developer Comex, the person behind the development of the Spirit iPhone jail break application and web based Jailbreakme tool.

The application is said to be still in its initial stages of its development and has been released as an Alpha version.

The developers say that Frash is programmed to run on Apple devices including the iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3G, iPhone 4, and the iPad.

In order to install the application, users would have to make sure they have iOS 4, or iOS 3.2 in the case of an iPad, installed, and will have to first jailbreak the device before being able to use the application.

Users are advised to back up all data before proceeding with the installation.

A recent court ruling in the US has stated that it is not illegal to jailbreak devices to allow them to run unapproved third party applications.

Apple maintain that users risk invalidating their warranty if they choose to jailbreak an Apple device.