Google Counts 130 Million Books In The World

Google, as part of its Google Books Project, has estimated that there are around 130 million books in the world.

According to Google, there are roughly 129,864,880 in the world - and the company plans on scanning each and every one of them.

Leonid Taycher, a software engineer working on the Google Books Project, explained on the official Google Books blog the methodology the company used to come up with a definite number.

Google first proceeded to collect metadata from around 150 partner organisations, including universities and libraries around the world. The company claims it has over a billion listings in raw data.

The company then narrowed down the list to 600 million after weeding out duplications. From there, the company proceeded with more complex analysis and a more realistic number was reached.

Writing on the blog, Taycher wrote: “When you are part of a company that is trying to digitize all the books in the world, the first question you often get is: “Just how many books are out there?”

"After we exclude serials, we can finally count all the books in the world. There are 129,864,880 of them. At least until Sunday," he answered.