HP Searching For New CEO

Cathie Lesjak, Hewlett and Packard's (HP) new, temporary chief executive officer, will have to deal with both slow growth and look for a new CEO following the sudden departure of Mark Hurd.

Lesjak, the 51 year old chief financial officer at HP, has been chosen to take over the company as temporary CEO until a replacement is hired, Bloomberg has reported.

Lesjak took over after Hurd resigned following accusations of filing false expenditure reports and maintaining a personal relationship with Jodie Fisher, an independent contractor working for the company.

According to Lesjak, who has ruled herself out of the running, HP’s aim is to find the best possible candidate for the prestigious post.

Current executive vice presidents, Todd Bradley, Dave Donatelli, Ann Livermore and Vyomesh Joshi are expected to be considered for the role.

HP are expected to struggle to find a replacement for one of its most successful CEOs.

Hurd led the company to overtake Dell in the personal computers business market and made over $20 billion worth of investments in acquiring smaller businesses that excelled in computers, networking and smartphone expertise.