HTC Desire HD Pic Appears Online

A single snapshot of the HTC Desire HD has appeared online on a Hong-kong based website and it looks as if it will not have a front-facing camera like the EVO 4G.

The device, which can be seen here, comes with a very thin bezel and what looks to be a 4.3-inch touchscreen, 0.6-inch bigger than the HTC Desire.

From the picture, you can just distinguish the aluminium bezel that was part of the HTC Legend, supporting the theory that the HTC Desire HD could be a combination of the Desire and the Legend.

Other details are scant; there will be minor upgrades apparently with an 8-megapixel camera with face detection and SRS audio processing being two of the noticeable ones.

There are rumours that the HTC Desire HD would keep the same 480x800 pixels resolution as the HTC Desire, although that wouldn't make a lot of sense given that the suffix HD would imply that it can at least display HD-ready content (1280x720 pixels).

That said, there's nothing to indicate that this is a HTC Desire HD phone though except that it has a "HTC Confidential" watermark on it.

The phone appears to sport Android 2.2 but could end up with Android OS 3.0 by the time it is launched. Funnily enough, the picture was taken by an iPhone 4.