Laptop Hacker Jailed For Nine Months

A computer repair engineer has been sentenced to nine months imprisonment after being caught in an undercover sting operation initiated by Sky News.

The sting operation was investigating the service offered by computer repair shops.

According to Sky News, a webcam recording has revealed that Zachodni, an employee at Laptop Revival, a PC repair shop in Hammersmith, spent over 20 minutes looking into a user's private data, including personal files, photographs and bank details, whilst supposedly repairing her laptop.

The investigation revealed that Zachodni tried to access victim’s bank account six times after acquiring the details.

Following the investigation, the Economic and Specialist Crime Unit of the Metropolitan Police arrested Zachodni and charged him with fraud in October last year. Today the West London Magistrate’s Court has sentenced him to nine months of imprisonment.

"Hopefully this conviction will be a warning to the computer repair industry that the copying or use of customer's private and personal information is not acceptable," stated detective constable Chris Young.