Microsoft Investigates New Windows Kernel Bug

Microsoft has launched an investigation into a critical vulnerability discovered in the Windows kernel driver.

The vulnerability could allow a hacker to run malicious code on the system in the kernel mode.

According to Computer World, an Israeli security researcher had first reported the bug on, by posting a proof-of-concept demonstration describing how the bug could be exploited.

Security firm Secunia explained that the bug could be found in the Win32k.sys kernel file in the Windows operating system and could be exploited by hackers using the "GetClipboardData" API to download data from the Windows clipboard.

Secunia has said that the bug affects all Windows operating systems including the new Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 SP2, Windows XP SP3 and Windows Server R2 2003.

Giving a statement, Microsoft spokesperson Jerry Bryant, said: “Microsoft is investigating reports of a possible vulnerability in Windows Kernel. Upon completion of the investigation, Microsoft will take appropriate actions to protect customers.”