News@5: Torrent Reactor, Virgin Media To Sell UKTV Stake & Google Books

Popular torrent-tracking website TorrentReactor has 'bought' a town in Russia for around $150,000 and has changed its name to 'Torrent Reactor'. The popular torrent tracking website purchased the rural village without any outside help, and has become the first internet website to have a whole town permanently named after it.

Virgin Media is set to sell its 50 per cent share in UKTV after deciding that the TV content business is not a strategic investment for the company to make. The company is seeking to raise £350 million for its stake in UKTV.

Google, as part of its Google Books Project, has estimated that there are around 130 million books in the world. According to Google, there are roughly 129,864,880 in the world - and the company plans on scanning each and every one of them.

Online classified advertising service Craiglist has been accused of promoting prostitution and child exploitation in its "adult services" list. The platform, founded by owner Craig Newmark, is alleged to have become a hub for prostitution advertisements.

The Apple executive who oversaw the development of the iPhone 4 has resigned only a few weeks after the “antennagate” issue hit. Mark Papermaster had been head of Apple's iPhone and iPod engineering department since 2009 and reports speculate that he is falling on his sword following the embarrassment of "antennagate".