Nokia Rules Out Releasing Andoid-Based Smartphones

Nokia has dismissed the possibility of launching an Android-based smartphone in order strengthen its weakening position the global smartphone market.

During a question and answer session on Twitter, the company's executive vice president Niklas Savander made it clear that the company won't be turning to Android to reinstate its ailing market position.

When asked about whether a strategy was in place to launch an Android-based smartphone, Savander tweeted that “our platform choices (symbian and meego) gives us the best opp to deliver value and of course qt will play key role.”

The company's persistent support for the Symbian platform has raised doubts about Nokia's ability to compete with rival smartphone manufacturers, such as RIM and Apple.

Nokia is currently developing its own proprietary OS Meego with chip maker Intel.

The company has also said that after the N8 smartphone, all future smartphones will run on Meego.

Nokia said that the Symbia^3 and the upcoming Symbian^4 operating systems will be used in all of its low to mid range feature phones.