Russian Town Named After Torrent Site

Popular torrent-tracking website TorrentReactor has 'bought' a town in Russia for around $150,000 and has changed its name to 'Torrent Reactor'.

According to TorrentFreak, the popular torrent tracking website purchased the rural village without any outside help, and has become the first internet website to have a whole town permanently named after it.

The Russian village of Gar, which was founded in 1958 by an offshoot of the Russian Orthodox Church, is the home to 214-odd Russians, most of whom produce vegetables for a living. The acquisition money will go towards building the infrastructure of the town, including a school, and bringing broadband connection to the villagers - a project that will cost around $30,000.

At the moment, Gar has only three computers, of which only one has an internet connection - and that's a dial-up. The company said in a statement that “We realise it’s just a drop in the ocean comparing to the amount of money needed to help thousands of other villages. But we at least do something to support complete strangers.”