Saudi Arabia Delays BlackBerry Ban

Saudi Arabia has decided to delay ban on BlackBerry services for another 48 hours, ending Monday, in the hope of reaching an agreement with manufacturer Research In Motion (RIM).

According to Saudi regulators, the agreement involves installing software and testing RIM’s three servers in the region in order to provide the government with access to BlackBerry’s messaging and e-mail service, the Irish Times has reported today.

The Saudi Arabian government had called for a kingdom-wide ban on BlackBerry’s messaging and e-mail service starting Friday citing the services as a threat to the national security.

The telecommunication authority of Saudi Arabia has stated that existing RIM policies do not meet their demand for access to encrypted data sent from BlackBerry devices.

Currently RIM is facing expected bans on its services in the United Arab Emirates and India. The UAE has called for a ban on its e-mail, browsing and IM services from 11 October.