UK ranked 34 in worldwide broadband survey

The shabby state of the UK's broadband infrastructure was revealed yesterday, as NetIndex unveiled the results of millions of international speed tests.

The UK was ranked number at number 34 out of 162 countries, which is decidedly embarrassing for the world's sixth richest country.

According to the results, the average download speed currently in the UK sits at 7.77Mb/sec. This places us behind a number of other European countries, including Slovenia, Estonia and the Ukraine, and we're a long way behind Moldova with its super-fast average of 23.25Mb/sec.

Meanwhile, the US was ranked at number 27 with an average of 10.16Mb/sec. On the plus side, we're slightly ahead of Australia with its 7.33Mb/sec, and significantly in front of Ireland with an average speed of 5.56Mb/sec. At the bottom of the 162 countries was Zambia, with an average download speed of just 0.26Mb/sec.

However, the fattest pipe award has to go to South Korea, by a long shot. The country has a shockingly high average bandwidth of 32Mb/sec according to the survey. That has to be good news for the country's online StarCraft II aficionados.

Unsurprisingly, the UK fared even worse when it came to upload speeds, which are often swept under the rug by ISPs. The average upload speed in the UK clocked in at a measly 0.91Mb/sec, ranking us at number 65 in the international survey.

The survey's results are based on submissions received from the online speed rating system SpeedTest, and survey the average throughput over the last 30 days where the mean distance between the client and the server is less than 300 miles.

Interestingly, NetIndex also has a graph showing how the average speed has changed in each country between 7 February 2008 and 8 August 2010. In the UK, it looks as though our average broadband has slowly but steadily climbed over the last couple of years, while many other countries have had some peculiarly large peaks and troughs.

Hey, we might be rubbish, but at least we're consistent.