Verizon iPhone 4 Rumoured For January Release

Verizon Wireless is set to offer the iPhone 4 in its stores from January next year as AT&T's exclusivity deal with Apple comes to an end.

Tech news site PC Mag reports that AT&T has hinted in a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission that the iPhone exclusivity contract it has with Apple is about to end.

AT&T believes that, despite the end of the agreement, it will continue to post strong sales figures.

According to the filing, the company wrote: “As these exclusivity arrangements end, we expect to continue to offer such handsets (based on historical industry practise).”

It added: “And we believe our service plan offerings will help to retain our customers by providing incentives not to move to a new carrier.”

According to Tech Crunch sources familiar with the matter, Apple has placed orders for millions of Qualcomm CDMA chips for its iPhone 4, set to be assembled in December and offered by Verizon in January.

Tech Crunch speculates that, by tracing the component parts back through the supply chain, it is possible to predict that there will be a Verizon iPhone released next year.