Wowd Releases Social Search App For Facebook

Social search engine Wowd has released the new Social Discovery Client tool, set to allow users to search Facebook for status updates and content from other users.

According to Wowd, the new search tool will let users create their own search filters based on keywords and topics.

Users will also be able to create filters for friend updates and block spam messages sent from games available on Facebook.

Wowd also offers the ability to block updates from friends that are playing games like Mafia Wars and Farmville, but, following Facebook's new policy of not sending game updates to non-gamers, the function is pretty much useless.

Speaking to eWeek, Wowd CEO Mark Drummond said that tool will help users to find topics of interest.

He said: "While the average number of friends today is about 130, that number is going up quickly. When people move beyond that number, they stop thinking Facebook as fun and start feeling overwhelmed."

The Search Discovery Client is available for download on Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.