£25 Per Month HTC Desire 300m 3000m & Internet

The HTC Desire promises to be the smartphone you’ve been longing for. The 1GHz processor makes web browsing super fast, add HTC’s very own Sense technology, and the Android Operating System into the mix and you’ve got yourself one speedy smartphone.

But the Desire isn’t just about speed, there’s more to it than that. Crammed into the sleek casing are a load of multimedia functions waiting to be used.

The 5mp camera is a pretty impressive piece of kit, boasting face detection, autofocus, flash and geo-tagging to name but a few. The media player takes a similar stance, being able to handle pretty much any file format.

Social networking takes its place among the widgets, each one dedicated to keeping you connected. If you want to meet your mates in person, there’s GPS and HTC Footprints. A few final things, Full Adobe Flash support and a MicroSD slot, it doesn’t get much better!

You can pick up the phone from Mobiles.co.uk for £20 per month on a 18-month contract with 300m, 500MB internet and 3000t on Orange.