Accenture Refutes British Gas Billing System Claims

Consultancy company Accenture has refuted the claims made by British Gas that its billing system had "millions of errors" and was "inaccurate".

Accenture has stated that the allegations filed by British Gas are completely irrelevant and inaccurate, tech news site The Register reported on Monday.

"The lawsuit does address ‘exceptions’ which were designed to identify bills that required a human to review or approve them, but these are not errors. Accenture is confident that Centrica’s claim is baseless," stated a spokesperson for Accenture.

Centrica's British Gas filed a lawsuit against Accenture in May 2008, seeking a mulit-million pound compensation payment for the damages the billing system caused to the company and its customers.

In response, Accenture has rubbished the allegations, stating that the SAP-based billing system was installed in 2005 as per the guidelines and requirements, on set time and within the set budget.

The company further claims that Centrica had used the system for more than two years before filing the case, and it continues to operate it today.