AMD vid likens Fermi to cannabis farm

The Canadian jokers at ATI are clearly enjoying watching their arch competitor's new chips eat power supplies for breakfast, as they've just made a joke movie comparing the heat output of Fermi-based PCs to home cannabis farms.

The two-minute video (below) called The Misunderstanding shows a SWAT team being briefed about a raid, in which infrared shots from a police surveillance helicopter show a major hotspot coming from a building. At this point, you might want to skip to the video if you want to avoid any more spoilers.

"Based on those suspicions we took a look at their energy consumption," says the snoop, who then presents a graph comparing normal electricity usage to the power drain coming from the house.

A few shots of kids looking like typical stoners are then shown entering and leaving the house, and one of the team jokes to his buddy: "I bet we're going to find something green in there!"

However, after battering the door down, the SWAT team enter the suspect location only to find a couple of startled gamers sat at a glowing-green PC. "Fermi again! It's the third time this week," says an exasperated member of the SWAT team.

The video then spins off with an ATI logo and the slogan: "Keep cool, keep all the power." All we can say is that this must be a different mission statement from the one on ATI's wall when it designed the Radeon HD 2900XT.