Android infected by SMS trojan

Mobile devices running the Android operating system have been hit by an SMS-based trojan for the first time.

According to insecurity outfit Kaspersky, the Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.FakePlayer.a exploit has already infected a number of Android handsets.

"The new malicious program penetrates smartphones running Android in the guise of a harmless media player application," says a warning from the anti-virus outfit.

Users are tricked into installing 13 KB file with the standard Android extension .APK. Once installed on the phone, the Trojan uses the system to begin sending text messages to premium rate numbers which are then charged to the users' air-time account.

The Kaspersky bulletin also pointed out that the application in question asks the user if they would like to allow access to premium rate services at the time of installation, so if your bill goes through the roof you really have only yourself to blame.