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Android Phones Infected By SMS Trojan

Android-based smartphones have been hit by an SMS trojan for the first time.

The Trojan software, Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.FakePlayer.a, has already infected scores of Android-based smartphones, Russian security firm Kaspersky Labs has revealed.

According to a report by tech news site Computer Weekly, the malicious Trojan software is first of its kind to attack the Android operating system, but that an isolated case of spyware had been found on the OS in 2009.

“The new malicious program penetrates smartphones running Android in the guise of a harmless media player application, As a result, we can expect to see a corresponding rise in the amount of malware targeting that platform," said Denis Maslennikov, mobile research group manager at Kaspersky.

Once the 13KB .apk file is downloaded, the trojan activates and begins to send text messages to premium rate numbers used by cyber criminals, who in-turn collect victim’s air-time account.

Maslennikov said that Kaspersky is hoping to release dedicated security software for the Android platform in early 2011.