Apple’s iPhone 4 arrives on pay as you go with Vodafone

Mobile phone network Vodafone has brought the iPhone 4 on to a pay as you go deal, where the cost of the 16GB model is £480 with some incentives included to attract potential buyers to purchase the phone from them - rather than SIM free and unlocked from Apple.

The latest Apple 16GB iPhone mobile phone is just £20 shy of £500 with Vodafone, where the 32GB version comes in at £570 and the network is even selling the older 8GB 3GS at £385. In stark contrast, Apple's own store has the 16GB iPhone 4 at £499, the 32GB version at £599 and the 8GB 3GS is retailing at the largest margin of £419.

Vodafones' handsets are of course locked to that very network, where they are hoping to win customers over by the tariff bundle they are now included with every iPhone pay as you go bought.

Included as part and parcel of the purchase price is a data allowance of 250GB a month, along with 1GB of free BT Openzone WIFI access a month. Calls and text messages are on their Simplicity tariff, with a charge of 20p a minute and 10p for a text message.

Whether this offer will entice new iPhone 4 buyers time will only tell, although the data allowance does appear to be a good deal for light users where the heavier data users might struggle at keeping within the limits set out by Vodafone.

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