BlackBerry Services Continue In Saudi Arabia

The latest deadline set by the government of Saudi Arabia to suspend BlackBerry services in the country has passed - and services remain undisrupted.

The 48 hour deadline given by The Communications and Information Telecommunications Commission (CITC) of Saudi Arabia on Saturday to BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM) to install and test three servers in the country has passed while services continue to work, MSNBC reported on Monday.

The two-day period was provided to test new servers designed to allow the government to access all encrypted web browsing data, instant messages, and e-mails coming in and out of the country on the BlackBerry network.

The services were describe as a threat to national security by the Saudi government.

The regulators had directed three mobile service providers to stop operating BlackBerry devices on their networks, beginning Monday and affecting more than 700,000 users in the region.

In a short statement, the CITC said: "In light of the positive developments toward addressing some of the organizational requirements by the providers, the commission decided to allow BlackBerry Messenger service to continue."