European Commission to probe Apple Flash ban

According to reports, the European Commission is teaming up with the US Federal Trade Commission to investigate Apple's rickety relationship with Flash developer Adobe.

The two companies have been involved in an unpleasant spat over the inclusion of Flash video-playing software on Apple's popular mobile devices, and the playground shenanigans have become so unpleasant that the two governmental bodies from either side of the Atlantic have stepped in to prevent further bloodshed in the unseemly scrap.

Steve Jobs reckons Flash is bloated, buggy and immature and shouldn't be allowed near any of his shiny toys for hairdressers. Adobe says Steve's mum is a slag and it's going home for its tea and taking its ball with it.

The EU and the FTC have told the battling outfits to play nicely or they will bang their heads together and send them home with a thick ear.

Grown-ups from the New York Post reported the story.