Flash ported to iPhone 4

We've been looking for a viable reason to jailbreak the iPhone 4 for some time now but as yet have remained unconvinced by most arguments to footle with the innards of our precious handset.

But if there's one application bound to send iPhone users scurrying off to jaibreakme.com in order to open up the Holey Handset to the big bad world outside of Apple's walled garden, it's probably Adobe's video and animation package Flash.

The handbags-at-dawn nonsense between Adobe and Apple is well documented, suffice to say that Steve Jobs is never likely to allow Flash onto the iPhone - or any other iDevice for that matter - without an injunction.

But news from the Internet's dark underbelly will give Flash fans some comfort as someone called Grant Pannell and Comex - the same troublesome scamp who cracked open the iPhone 4's security to allow a fiddled PDF to open up the handset to non-approved Apps - have managed to shoe-horn a 'very alpha' version of Flash into the device.

Named Frash, the hack reportedly works on any jailbroken device running iOS4 but the installation process is not for the faint hearted.

It not only involves jailbreaking the device, which will of course invalidate your warranty, but also involves installing OpenSSH which if carried out without great care could open up your hardware to a whole new world of pain.

There are full instructions on how to get Frash up and running on your iOS4 device over at Redmond Pie but don't come crying to us if you end up with the world's most expensive, but beautifully engineered paperweight.