Google Agonises On Privacy As Advertising Rivals Emerge

Google is agonising over what to do with the hordes of user data it has amassed over the years as rivals threaten to overtake it in terms of advertising revenue.

According to a leaked seven page internal Google document procured by the Wall Street Journal, the company has been developing a number of strategies which involve sharing user data with advertisers to maximise advertising revenue, whilst staying within the its privacy limits.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the "vision statement" was compiled by Google's senior product manager for internet advertising, Aitan Weinberg, in 2008 and contains information based on interviews from several Google employees on what strategy the company should implement in order to stay ahead of the game.

The vision statement is described to be a "brainstorming document", and has not been presented to senior executives.

Until now, Google has refrained from exploiting the user data it has for its own gain, but with increasing competition from platforms like Facebook, which sells user data to maximise advertising revenue, the company is now rethinking its priorities.