Hard Disk Prices Continue Freefall, Reach 3.6p Per GB

The average price of large capacity hard disk drives continues to fall as Samsung gets more of its latest Ecogreen hard drives in the channel.

Two very popular online retailer, Aria and Scan, have started to take preorders on the Samsung HD153WI F3 which has a capacity of 1.5TB and costs a mere £54.04 at Aria and a few pennies extra at Scan.

Although the prices exclude P&P, you can get free delivery through a number of scheme from both retailers. At 3.6p per unformatted GB, this is around 10 per cent cheaper than the deals we found out a few weeks ago.

The F3 Ecogreen drive comes with a 3-year warranty, a 5400RPM spinning speed, 32MB cache, three 500GB plattters, an access time of 8.9ms and a SATA 3gbps interface.

It consumes only 5.4w when idle and 7.1w in seek mode while keeping its acoustics well within the limits of what is acceptable.

It won't break any record or set any milestone; instead, the F3 appears to be a solid contender and one which seriously undercuts the competition.

The next cheapest hard disk drive is the Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 which comes with a faster spinning speed but also a 26 per cent price premium.

4.7GB worth of storage, the equivalent of a blank DVD would cost around 17p, around 70 per cent more than the cheapest blank DVD currently on the market. Still, one can expect the price of magnetic storage to fall below that of optical disk within the next 24 months.