HTC Windows 7 handset leaked

Taiwanese mobile phone manufacture has had a second handset leaked, only this time around it's a Windows 7 device codename HTC Schubert running the upcoming Microsoft mobile OS.

Handsets and their leaks appear to be all the rage this week, as we enter the silly season in news where big announcements take a back seat whilst holidays take precedence instead.

The outted handset appears to have been made from a single piece of aluminium according to reports, in much the same way as their HTC Legend handset from earlier on in the year.

Shubert's display either has a 3.2 or a 3.7-inch screen, where the latter would make sense in an HTC flagship handset and as a first venture in a new platform.

It's likely to be shipped with the choice chipset at the moment - the1Ghz Qualcomm processor. However, that's only speculation at present where plans could change before its arrival this later on in the year.

The video below catches the phone in all its glory ahead of the official confirmation by HTC, which we suspect will be around the time Windows 7 actually arrives in December with yesterdays' news of the HTC Ace being launched beforehand.

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