McAfee Takes The Offensive Against Cyber Crime

McAfee has announced that it will go on the offensive against cyber criminals across the globe.

The company has published its "Security Takes the Offensive" document, highlighting its stance against cyber crime.

News agency Reuters has reported that new statistics revealed by McAfee, world's second largest anti-virus firm, show that malware attacks in the first half of 2010 have reached the highest level ever.

The time frame is also said to be the active period for malware production in history.

"Cybercriminals prosper because they have very little reason to fear the consequences. Every time we release a new statistic about the rise in malware it points to our failure as an industry," stated Jeff Green, Senior Vice President of McAfee Labs.

Through the security report, McAfee has emphasised that companies must use smart tactics such as 'stuns' and 'shunts' and cope the techniques of professional hackers to find loopholes in their own products.

The reports suggests that if companies can uncover vulnerabilities before hackers, then patches can be developed before the flaw is exploited in the wild.

The report has stressed upon the fact that security needs to be advanced as threats continue to increase.