Microsoft And Polycom Announce Multi-Year Unified Communications Deal

Microsoft has signed a deal with video conferencing company Polycom to offer unified communications (UC) technology to businesses.

The deal will allow the companies to deliver UC technology to all companies, from small businesses to large organisation, tech news site ZD Net has reported.

The multi-year strategic agreement has been reached with the aim of producing UC video conferencing products for both enterprise and government.

Polycom, with this agreement, has become a part of Microsoft’s UC business division.

The company will develop software, hardware, networking, sales, marketing products and services to help businesses and government reduce travel, telecom and IT expenditure, as well as improve productivity.

"Polycom and Microsoft deliver a winning combination to our customers around the globe by delivering seamless, easy-to-use, high-definition communications at the click of a mouse," said Andrew Miller, Polycom president and CEO.

"Polycom is 100 per cent committed to delivering best-in-breed, standards-based, fully interoperable UC solutions to market, and Microsoft is integral in helping us achieve this goal and meet the needs of our customers."