Microsoft Confirms "A Bunch Of Announcements" At Gamescom

Microsoft has confirmed that it will be holding a press conference at the forthcoming Gamescom gaming event on 17 August.

The European games convention, which runs from 17 August to 22 Augus, will see industry leaders Sony, Microsoft, Electronic Arts (EA) and Nintendo, come together to announce their upcoming projects and innovations.

First confirmed by VG247, a representative of Microsoft has stated that the company is set to bring “a bunch of announcements” to the press conference.

Although Microsoft has not yet confirmed any of the details of the press conference, reports speculate that the company will announce the European release date of its Kinect motion-sensing Xbox 360 peripheral.

The press meet will be headed by veteran game developer and boss of Lionhead studios Peter Molyneux.

Sony and EA will be holding their press conferences on the same day as Microsoft but Nintendo has said that it will not hold a press meet at this year's Gamescom meet.