Microsoft Launches "PC vs. Mac" Comparison Site

Microsoft has launched the new 'Deciding between an PC and a Mac' web page, one day after search firm Students Monitor revealed that Apple’s Mac is the most popular laptop choice for students.

Tech news site Ars Technica has reported that Microsoft’s “PC vs. Mac” section is a set of compiled points explaining how and why computers that run Microsoft's Windows operating system are better than Apple’s Mac computers.

Microsoft has said that a Mac cannot function as a DVR. A Mac does not have a Blu-ray player, a TV tuner, a Memory Stick reader, or with in-built 3G wireless.

The website shows that there are several games which can not be played on a Mac, but can be played by Xbox 360 integration. Also users may need more time than normal to understand a Mac's functions properly, which, Microsoft claims, is not the case with a PC - even if it runs on the latest Windows 7.

Microsoft alleges that a Mac has different functions that can become an issue for a PC user, especially if other systems at work or in school run on Windows.

The website adds that Mac’s productivity suite cannot share files with PCs easily and that users may also need to manually connect photo, file, printer, music and movies sharing.