News@10: Apple's "Amorphous' Alloy, BlackPad & HP Shares Slide

Apple has acquired an intellectual property license from Liquidmetal Technologies for the use of a new kind of metal for future iPhones, iPad and Mac products. Liquidmetal Technologies, said in a SEC filing that it had granted a fully-paid IP license to Apple for the worldwide commercialisation of its technology via consumer electronics products.

HP's market capitalisation fell below $100 billion for the first time in more than one year as the world's biggest computer manufacturer, in terms of revenues, recover from the damaging scandal that hit its CEO, Mark Hurd.

US wireless carrier AT&T has released a new application for Apple's iPhone, designed to allow users to stream videos directly onto their smartphones by using the U-verse DVR system. The new U-verse DVR application will allow iPhone users to download and watch TV shows. The application will also turn the iPhone into a remote control.

Facebook may be reaching its saturation point in the UK, a new survey has revealed. According to statistics provided by web monitoring firm Experian Hitwise, the average time spent on the social networking platform by a Briton has reduced to 27.36 minutes in June/July, less than the 30 minutes recorded in December.

Blackberry manufacturer RIM may sell its forthcoming tablet, the Blackpad for $499, matching Apple's iPad price, according to a report that appeared on Apple Daily, a Chinese-based news outlet.