News@5: Android Hit By SMS Trojan, Google's Korean Offices Raided & Smartphone Malware

Android-based smartphones have been hit by an SMS trojan for the first time. The Trojan software, Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.FakePlayer.a, has already infected scores of Android-based smartphones, Russian security firm Kaspersky Labs has revealed.

The Korean Police have raided Google’s head office in Seoul as a part of its ongoing investigation into the Google Street View data collecting scandal. The South Korean police said that Google is suspected of illegally collecting and storing data gathered from unsecured Wi-Fi networks in the country.

The latest48 hour deadline set by the government of Saudi Arabia to suspend BlackBerry services in the country has passed - and services remain undisrupted. The two-day period was provided to test new servers designed to allow the government to access all encrypted web browsing data, instant messages, and e-mails coming in and out of the country on the BlackBerry network.

The BBC has demonstrated how easy it is for hackers to develop a malicious smartphone application that can be used to steal private user data and send it to a third party's e-mail account.

Chinese internet and e-commerce firm Alibaba has announced that it will acquire a 16 per cent stake in Sohu's search engine Sogou. The move is an attempt to expand its online presence in the world's largest internet market. Sohu said in a statement that Alibaba, along with Yunfeng, a funding company set-up by Alibaba chairman John Ma, will purchase the 16 per cent stake in Sogou.