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Nokia's Android Snub May Be A Mistake

As Nokia continues to work towards launching its MeeGo operating system, industry experts are speculating why the company continues to ignore Google's Android OS.

Many suggest that developing a smartphone to run on the Androind OS is Nokia's best chance for competing with market rivals.

The company, which has for a long time seen its share of the mobile and smartphone market declining, is banking on the Linux-based MeeGo OS, which it is jointly developing with chip-maker Intel.

Many believe that instead of going for a lesser known OS, Nokia should follow Motorola and HTC in developing a range of state-of-the-art smartphones using its hardware expertise and Android's capabilities.

But according to the company's executive vice president Niklas Savander, if the company uses Android, then it would lose sight of its true "destiny".

Fortune's JP Mangalindan writes that by adopting Android as its OS, the company would be able to allocate more resources into developing eye-catching mobile devices, similar to what Motorola has done with its Droid and Droid X devices.