RIM May Sell Its Blackpad For $499

Blackberry manufacturer RIM may sell its forthcoming Blackpad tablet for $499, matching the price for Apple's iPad, according to a report that appeared on the China-based news outlet Apple Daily.

Digitimes reports that Quanta Computer, one of the biggest computer hardware manufacturers in the world, is set to be charged with building the tablet, speculated to be launched in November 2010.

Apple Daily provides a list of features already mentioned i a previouos article by Bloomberg. These include a 9.7-inch display, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, front and rear cameras, Blackberry OS 6.0 and 3G. Quanta will apparently ship two million devices by the end of the year and an estimated eight million units the next year.

If these figures indeed reflect RIM's expectations, then they do match or exceed Apple's estimations. Selling 10 million Blackpad devices by December 2011 will be a monumental task.

There's no details as to whether the launch will be an international one or limited to the US, as with the Blackberry Torch. Furthermore, it is not yet known whether Blackberry will match Apple's strategy by offering four versions of the tablet rather than one.

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