Rumours: Apple iPad 2 in the pipeline

Rumour mongers at Taiwan's occasionally reliable bin-digging tech news outfit Digitimes have come up with a whole heap of predictions about forthcoming products from Apple.

First up is a slightly different angle on the ever-increasing buzz on the next generation iPad. Those in the know (as much as anyone is ever in the know about notoriously secretive Apple) reckon that a new iteration of the proddable PC is on the cards, but Digitimes says that both the upgrade to the current 9.7-inch model, and its widely predicted 7-inch sibling, will be powered by a new Cortex A9 processor designed by Brit chip shop ARM.

Analysts also reckon that Chinese manufacturer Pegatron is about to start mass production of a CDMA-based iPhone 4 which would work on the USA's Verizon network, which will please those tired of AT&T's iron grip on the Holey Handset.

According to Digitimes, the new model will feature a redesigned antenna built into the phone's new metallic back-plate rather than the current version which is built into the steel rim of the case, and has caused such a kerfuffle.

Last, and probably least interesting, the report says that Apple is about to release a rethink of Apple's not exactly world-changing Apple TV device with a new cloud-based version without a hard drive. Expect all of the usual social networking nonsense which seems to be an essential element of anything with a chip in it this year.