SAP To Fight Oracle Damages Claim

Enterprise software vendor SAP has announced that it will defend its interests from a damage claim filed by Oracle.

Oracle claims that it should be paid "billions and billions" of dollars in damages for copyright infringement initiated by the SAP-owned TomorrowNow software servicing company.

SAP had admitted to copyright infringement, and had also agreed to do whatever it takes to resolve the issue. However, the company has maintained Oracle's claim that it sustained damages worth billions of dollars is false and it would provide evidence in court to prove it.

SAP, instead, believes that Oracle is entitled to damages worth "tens of millions" of dollars.

TomorrowNow was formed by ex-PeopleSoft employees after the company was acquired by Oracle, in order to provide support to PeopleSoft customers who did not want to have a contract with the enterprise software giant.

SAP saw this as an opportunity to steal customers from Oracle and acquired the company in 2005.

In 2007, Oracle filed a lawsuit against the company, accusing it of using its intellectual property without permission. Oracle also claimed that SAP was aware of the copyright infringement when it had acquired TomorrowNow.