TI first to embrace ARM Cortex A

Chip maker Texas Instruments has inked the first deal with Brit chip designer ARM for its forthcoming Cortex A processors.

The as-yet unannounced series of power-efficient OMAP chips, codenamed Eagle, will become part of TI's roadmap for release some time in 2012, although both ARM and TI remain tight-lipped about the specifications.

"Our position as ARM's advanced lead partner for its next-generation Cortex-A series processor core underscores TI's unwavering commitment to helping customers achieve success in the competitive mobile world," said a TI spokesman with a complicated title.

TI and ARM have been collaborating since 1993 and the partnership has given birth to more than 250 million OMAP processors in the intervening years.

ARM sells its chip designs to pretty much all of the world's biggest tech outfits and it's a fair bet that, if you have a mobile device - and who hasn't? - it has a chunk of silicon designed by the British company inside it.