Tory MP Defends Call To Remove E-Mail

A Conservative MP has defended asked a lobbying group to remove his work e-mail address from their website.

Dominic Raab, the newly elected MP for Esher and Walton, demanded that web campaigning group 38 Degrees to remove his, tax-payer funded, work e-mail address from its 'Contact your MP' system so that he is able to concentrate on genuine e-mails and problems.

He said that the e-mails were "a real nuisance" that required far too much of his time to answer.

Raab said that if his address is not removed he will formally file a complaint against the group with the Information Commissioner’s Office, BBC News has reported on Monday.

Writing in his blog, Raab wrote: “MPs get hundreds of emails and letters from constituents. I try to answer every one in reasonable time. But, MPs have finite time and resources, and I also want to prioritise those in the greatest need."

Raab has removed his e-mail address from the open directory of the House of Commons.