Toshiba Unveils Self-Encrypting Hard Drive Technology

Toshiba has released a data security add-on for its range of self-encrypting hard drives (SED).

The company explained that the Wipe technology for SEDs is able to securely delete sensitive user information from the hard drive when the system is turned-off or the hard drive is removed from the system.

The Japanese manufacturer believes that the new feature will be useful when disposing of a system, returning a leased computer, or sending one out for maintenance.

SEDs enabled with Wipe Technology can also be used in office printers and copiers in order to delete the document images stored on the hard drive, and to prevent the sensitive data from getting into the wrong hands.

The company says that when the machine is switched off, the feature will delete all documents and images stored on the device's hard drive.

Toshiba said that the information is deleted by automatically invalidating the HDD key. When the HDD key is invalidated, all data stored on the hard drive becomes permanently indecipherable.