Vodafone Offers iPhone 4 On PAYG

Vodafone has finally start selling the iPhone 4 on PAYG, nearly two months after the launch of the phone in the UK, with prices starting at £480 for the 16GB model and £570 for the 32GB one.

Users will save £20 and £30 respectively compared to the SIM free versions of the iPhone 4. The PAYG models will come with 12 months worth of wireless data access, capped at 250MB per month on 3G and 1GB for BT Openzone Wi-Fi.

A quick look at Vodafone's website shows that an iPhone 4 16GB package with 600 minutes, unlimited texts, 1GB internet and 1GB Wi-Fi carries a TCO of £959 over two years.

Alternatively, getting the PAYG iPhone 4 with an equivalent SIM only plan for the iPhone will cost you £960 which means that it is probably better to go for the pay monthly version which spares you the hefty initial cost.

Supply of the iPhone 4 at Vodafone appears to be patchy though; the mobile phone operator has posted a message saying that they've already sold out on the model.

Whether Vodafone will prioritise its pay monthly customers over PAYG ones will be an interesting thing to consider.