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Zeus v3 Attack Steals £675,000 From UK Bank Accounts

Security experts have uncovered a Zeus v3 Trojan botnet that specifically targets customers of an unnamed UK bank.

According to security firm M86 Security, its security researchers have unearthed a botnet command centre operating out of Eastern Europe, which is using the latest Zeus Trojan to steal money from the unnamed bank's customers' accounts.

The company has been working with the bank and UK law enforcement agencies to stop the attacks ever since the botnet's discovery on 5 July.

The trojan has so far managed to steal around £675,000 from 3,000 customers.

The security expert explained that this new breed of trojan spreads via legitimate websites, which are not aware that they hosting the malware, and from third party website components such as advertisements.

The trojan also is reported to remain undetected by traditional anti-virus software and is activated when the users log-in to their online banking accounts. It can then proceed to steal users' banking credentials before illegally transferring the money to anonymous bank accounts.