£20 Per Month Samsung Wave 300m Ultd texts & Web

The Samsung Wave uses new Super AMOLED touchscreen technology resulting in the brightest and sharpest display ever seen on a mobile phone.

Running Samsung's new Bada operating system, the S8500 Wave can be customised with new apps from the Bada app store and pulls live updates from your favourite social networking sites. Use the 3.3 inch display as your viewfinder for the 5.0 Megapixel camera and record and play back HD Video on the phone.

The Wave also boasts HSDPA and Wi-Fi connectivity for lightening quick web browsing and a built in GPS receiver.

The Samsung Wave provides superior levels of choice to all users via its fully customizable menus and home-page.

For those who demand access to their social networking sites at all times, the device allows users to change the layout of the home-page to allow instant access to Twitter, Facebook and a host of other social networking services.

For those who love music, the device home-page can be turned into an intuitive media player; while for those who take and share a lot of photos, the home page can be customized to feature favourite images.

You can pick up the phone from Mobiles.co.uk for £20 per month on a two year contract with an initial outlay of £20 with 300m, 300t and unlimited internet browsing.