Adobe plugs six critical holes in Flash Player

Adobe has released a security update for it Flash Player software which fixes six critical flaws in the popular video and animation software.

The latest in a long line of security bulletins from the much-maligned outfit suggests that users of Flash Player and earlier versions should update to version or risk all sorts of unpleasant attacks including click-jacking and unauthorised code execution.

The company has also released a patched version of Flash Player 9 for those unable to install version 10 for whatever reason.

The security flaws affects version of the once ubiquitous media player for Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris.

If you use multiple browsers you will have to update the Flash Player install for each by right clicking on bit of Flash content and selecting About Flash Player from the contextual menu.

As Flash is embedded in Chrome, you'll have to update the entire browser to get the latest version.

Adobe recently promised to speed up its update schedule in order to get new features out quicker. On current evidence it looks like they'll be too busy fixing the incumbent bugs to make too many improvements.