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Amazon Working On Hardware Other Than Kindle

Online retailing giant Amazon may be looking to extend the range of hardware carrying its brand and possibly exploring options other than the Kindle.

People with direct knowledge of Amazon's internal plans told Nick Bilton of the NYTimes that the company is recruiting engineers to build other gadgets at the company's secret prototyping lab, the so called Lab 126.

Amongst ideas that have been mulled includes music players and even a smartphone. The move by Amazon into electronics has been sanctioned by Jeff Bezos himself and comes as rivals like Google and Apple start to invade its turf with the likes of the Apple iBookstore or iTunes.

The Kindle therefore may only be the first of a number of devices that Amazon will sell under its own brand.

Given the no-nonsense, fresh approach to technology that Amazon infused in the Kindle combined with its clout, there's a good chance that the devices launched by the company will be successful.

Does an Amazon phone makes sense? What do you think the company can offer that others can't?

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