Apple Japan To Replace All Overheating iPod Nanos

Apple's Japanese division has agreed to replace all overheating first generation iPod Nanos following a request filed by Japanese authorities.

News agenct the AFP reports that the move is part of Apple's plans to deal with the increasing reports of iPod Nano music players overheating after being charged. Some iPods are reported to have caught fire after being charged.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry had reported that the faulty batteries had caused 27 overheating cases, in which 6 devices had caught fire, injuring 4 people.

The company has confirmed that some iPod Nano music players, sold in Japan between September 2005 and December 2006, were affected by “very rare cases of overheating” which could render the device useless.

Recently, the company also updated its website with guidelines and safety measures on how to deal with the issue.

Apple said that the overheating is caused by faulty batteries provided by an Apple hardware supplier.

It is still not clear exactly how many iPod Nano devices, sold in Japan, are suffering from the issue.