Apple Launches App Bulk Buying Program For Schools

Apple has launched a new App Store program to allow schools and colleges to buy iOS 4 applications in bulk.

The App Store Volume Purchase Program will offer an easy way for educational institutions to purchase applications in bulk. The purchases will be made via an Authorised Purchaser, who will then send them to an appointed Program Facilitator, who is in charge of distributing the licenses to end users.

The company explained: “Volume Vouchers can be purchased at the Apple Store for Education in denominations of $100, $500, $1000, $5000, $10,000. These vouchers can be bought on behalf of the educational institution by an Authorised Purchaser, and they may use purchase orders.”

Apple has said that users can't use their credit cards to make bulk purchases through the program.

The company said that when Authorised Purchasers make a bulk purchase, they would receive the futures within 3-4 business days and will be also provided a spreadsheet containing the download codes for the applications, which can be distributed manually or by mail merge.