Apple Selling $99 Day Pass Access To Compatibility Labs

Apple has released a new developer initiative, “Single Day Pass”, to allow registered developers access to one of its compatibility labs.

The company has started the new initiative for developers registered with its Mac Developer Program to enable them to visit at least one of the three compatibility labs at Cupertino and test their software on the company’s hardware, tech news site Mac Observer reported on Tuesday.

According to Mac World, Apple will not offer developers any kind of acknowledgement, certification, testing services or engineering support for attending the program.

The single day pass has brought a chance to developers, other than those registered with Apple Developer Connection Select and Premier programs, an opportunity to access the labs. Each visiting developer will pay $99 to acquire the pass.

The compatibility labs are located at both Apple's Cupertino and Tokyo-based head offices and visiting times are between 9 am to 5 pm.