BSkyB Disputes Skype Trademark

BSkyB has launched a legal challenge against the registration of the trademark Skype, claiming that it is too similar to its own brand, Sky.

Partially owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, BSkyB is contesting the use of the name, Skype, in the European Union, India, Norway and Brazil.

Skype has already received clearance from all regulators, except the EU.

The company is contesting the trademark of the VoIP telephony service provider, alleging that it owns the first three letters of Skype, something Sky claims has resulted in increased confusion between the brands among global consumers, the Telegraph has reported.

The dispute is reported to have so far lasted five years, but that little was known about the case until Skype revealed details of it in its 250 page S-1 document on Monday.

“Sky is involved in a long-running dispute with Skype in relation to several trade mark applications filed by Skype, including, but not limited to, television-related goods and services,” stated a spokesman for BSkyB.